Quality Control

Our cell lines are cryopreserved under the culturing condition designated by the depositor of each cell line. We routinely test each lot of cells using the ampoules/tubes randomly selected from a lot by thawing and culturing them for certain periods, and cryopreserve cells after confirmation that there are no problems about freeze-thaw and microbial contamination (bacteria and fungi).

General Inspection

Cell viability and Adhesion efficiency
Mycoplasma infection
(DNA staining method, PCR method)*2
Test for misidentification
(Short Tandem Repeat polymorphism analysis)
Identification of animal species
(PCR method, Isozyme analysis*3)
DNA barcoding analysis
Identification of mouse strain
(SSLP analysis)
Production of antibody
VirusHBVCells derived
from liver only
HCVCells derived
from liver only
HIVCells derived
from blood only
HTLV-1Cells derived
from blood only
EBVCells derived from blood
and cancer cell lines*6
*1 When the hybridoma cell line is a hybrid including human blood cell, general tests for cell lines derived from human blood cells are performed.
*2 Tests for mycoplasma infection are performed by “DNA-staining method” and “PCR method for genus Mycoplasma and Acholeplasma“.
*3 Isozyme analysis is performed for some specific animal species other than the following species: human, mouse, rat, chicken, Syrian hamster, Chinese hamster, African green monkey, cynomolgus monkey, rabbit, dog, pig, cow, cat.
*4 Not tested for human iPS cells (HPS), EBV-transformed B cell lines derived from Japanese (HEV) and Sonoda-Tajima Collection (HSC).
*5 Not tested for mouse ES/iPS cells which are cultured with feeder cells.
*6 Tested for human cell lines derived from blood cells (but except for EBV-transformed B cell lines). This is also tested for a part of human cancer cell lines such as oral, esophageal and stomach cancer, since it has been reported that EBV-infection is a cause of these cancers in some cases.

– In relation to human mesenchymal stem cells, tests for HBV, HCV, HIV and HTLV-1 are performed for a part of them but not for all. The results of tests are disclosed in the cell search column in the cases that they are performed. Providing cells are those which showed negative results for all tests.

Specific Examination

Target cell etc.
Cell lines
Induction of differentiation to
some specific cell type etc.
Nerve cellRCB0009 PC-12
RCB2863 N14.5
Muscle cellRCB0987 C2C12
RCB2366 Hu5/E18
CardiomyocyteRCB2318 PC19.CL6
Alkaline phosphatase (ALP)
RCB1126 MC3T3-E1(inclueded cloning sublines)
Karyotype analysis
A part of general cell lines (RCB) and a part of ES/iPS cell lines
Other Information

  • Cell Line Authentication

arrow_s International Cell Line Authentication Committee (ICLAC)

Register of Misidentified Cell Lines

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