Fee and Payment

Fees to domestic users include consumption tax.
The following fees are correct as of From April 1, 2023 Price is subject to change without notice.

Resources Fee (JPY)
For use in research for not-for-profit academic purpose ※1 For use in research for-profit-research purpose ※2
General cell lines (RCB)  (per tube)16,83033,660
EBV transformed B cell lines derived from Japanese (HEV)  (per tube)16,83033,660
Nucleated cells derived from umbilical cord blood (HCB)  (per sample)36,63073,260
Mononuclear cells derived from umbilical cord blood (CBF)-Small  (per 4 tubes)15,73031,460
Mononuclear cells derived from umbilical cord blood (CFD)-Large  (per sample)36,63073,260
CD34-positive cells derived from umbilical cord blood (C34)  (per tube)47,63095,260
Human mesenchymal stem cells (HMS)  (per tube)16,83033,660
Sonoda-Tajima Collection (HSC) : EBV-transformed B cell lines derived from various human ethnic groups (per tube)16,83033,660
Goto Collection (GMC) : EBV transformed B cell lines and primary fibroblasts derived from Werner syndrome patients (per tube)16,83033,660
Animal ES cell lines including nuclear transferred ES cell lines and germline stem cell lines (AES)  (per tube)25,30050,600
Animal iPS cells (APS)  (per tube)25,30050,600 (*3)
Human ES cells (HES)  (per tube)27,94055,880
Human iPS cells (HPS)  (per tube) ※3 27,94055,880 (*3)
Cell line validation testingMycoplasma test38,61038,610
Short tandem repeat polymorphism analysis test for human cell lines37,51037,510
Clontech Laboratories, Inc., a license fee  (per cell line)8250
・Fees do not include the packing fee, which will be separately charged.
・Shipping fee will be charged directly by the carrier.
The packing fee (dry ice)
RIKEN Box;Not included in shipping fee14,760
Carrier Box;included in shipping fee7,420
※1 This refers to the use of our bioresource in research for not-for-profit academic purpose by a non-profit organization. Category I MTA is needed.

※2 This refers to the use of our bioresource in research for the following cases. Category II MTA is needed.

    a) For research to be conducted by for-profit organizations
    b) For collaborative research between for-profit organization and not-for-profit organization
    c) For research by not-for- organization outsourced and sponsored by for-profit organization
    d) For for-profit research by not-for-profit organization including R&D with the aim of patent acquisition

※3  Profit organizations must contact iPS Academia Japan, Inc prior to ordering.


  • After you have received your invoice, please make your payment in one of the following ways :
  • By credit card click here for further details.


  1. The people who would like to make payment by credit card must order biological resources with the specified order form for credit card payment.
  2. Only we accept the change of payment method before shipping biological resources. The applicant has to contact at cellbank.brcriken.jp.
    * Please note that the method of payment cannot be changed after we start processing to issue the invoice.

*By bank transfer in Japanese Yen directly into our account. The final transfer amount received by us should be the full payment, without deduction of transfer charges or currency conversions.

SWIFT code
Account No.
Bank Address
Bank Tel
:RIKEN (The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research)
:MUFG Bank, Ltd.
:Wakoekimae Branch (Branch No.727)
:0159228 (Ordinary Account)
:1-10-20 Maruyamadai, Wako-shi, Saitama, 351-0112 Japan

Please note! 
RIKEN is a non-profit organization and therefore requires all applicants to cover all bank charges, (including exchange, commission and handling fees,) when sending payments for resources they have ordered.

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