Goto Collection : Werner syndrome patients (GMC)

Goto Collection: Werner syndrome patients’ cells (GMC)

● Goto Collection is a collection of cells derived from patients suffering from Werner syndrome which is a late-onset premature senility. The cells derived from Werner syndrome-like patients are also involved.

● This collection is very precious and useful not only for researches of premature senility but also for researches of the diseases frequently occurred in this patients such as cancer, and thus we are providing this collection for such researches including analyses of gene and genome. We provide this collection not only to domestic users in Japan but also to users in overseas, in addition not only to not-for-profit institutions but also to for-profit institutions.

● Providing cells are fibroblasts and B cell lines transformed by Epstein-Barr Virus.

● In addition to the cell material itself, we are providing information about gender and age of the patients who have donated the source cells. When we possess the information of gene and/or genome, we provide them as well.

● After the providing procedures including a conclusion of an MTA (material transfer agreement), we provide this collection.

● This collection including its information is strictly preserved by the RIKEN BioResource Research Center.

● The cell lines are anonymous. The donators cannot withdraw the utilization for researches.

Important information:

The RECIPIENT must obtain an approval from the DEPOSITOR, Dr. Goto, using the APPROVAL FORM prior to entering the AGREEMENT with the RIKEN BRC. When the RECIPIENT asks Dr. Goto for approval of use, the RECIPIENT needs to submit a summary of research to Dr. Goto.

arrow List of cell lines(GMC)

 Quality Control

How to obtain resource

a ) Requests for distribution

  • Refer to this catalog or our website for information on Resources.
  • Obtain and complete the appropriate forms. RIKEN Cell Bank documents are available in PDF format. These documents are printable and can be viewed with Adobe Reader.
  • To obtain written permission, please complete the Approval Form C-0006 and send it to Dr. Goto. Upon receiving the written permission, please return it to us together with the other forms.
  • Complete order Form C-0052 for each order.
  • Make “two set of the original Material Transfer Agreements (MTA, C-0053)” for each cell line. As for original MTA, three sheets are one set.
  • Send Forms C-0052, C-0053 and C-0006 to RIKEN Cell Bank by mail or Fax (+81-29-836-9130).

To contact us

Cell Bank, RIKEN BioResource Research Center (BRC)
3-1-1 Koyadai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-0074, Japan
E-mail  :

b) Distribution procedure

  • One copy of the MTA will be sent by airmail.
  • Each international order will be sent in a dry-ice-frozen box through FedEx. Shipping costs including the cost of the cell lines are the responsibility of the users. (See c1. Fee)
  • An invoice will be sent to you after you receive your Resources.

c ) Fee and payment

c.1 Fee (In yen)

c.2 Payment

  • After you have received your invoice, please make your payment in one of the following ways :
  • By credit card click here for further details.


  1. The people who would like to make payment by credit card must order biological resources with the specified order form for credit card payment.
  2. Only we accept the change of payment method before shipping biological resources. The applicant has to contact at
  3. After shipping biological resources we do not accept any change of payment method.
  • By bank transfer in Japanese Yen directly into our account. The final transfer amount received by us should be the full payment, without deduction of transfer charges or currency conversions.

*Please note!
RIKEN is a non-profit organization and therefore requires all applicants to cover all bank charges, (including exchange, commission and handling fees,) when sending payments for resources they have ordered.

d ) Technical Support

If you have any questions about quality of the resources you receive, please contact us by Fax (+81-29-836-9130) or E-mail (

e ) Request for publication

We request you to send us a reprint of your publication. We seek to share all data available on the Biological Resources in the RIKEN BRC.

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