Seeking a Division Director of RIKEN Cell Bank

Intellectual property rights of cell lines

Urgent Notice: Delays in resource shipments to Europe

Due to the current war in Ukraine, cell shipments to Europe are under disruption and deliveries of cells may experience more delays than usual. We are facing concerns that these delivery delays will reduce the amount of dry ice in the shipping boxes and that the cells will not be delivered in favorable condition. We will determine the exact dates of transportation through close consultation with the transportation company, and will ensure that recipients are notified (with these dates) individually by email.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We are continuing to pray for the swift restoration of peace in Ukraine.

We are providing cell materials for COVID-19 research.
Newly deposited cell lines (hybridoma producing anti-SARS-CoV-2 Spike antibody)



General cell lines (RCB) Human iPS cells (HPS)
Human ES cells (HES) Animal iPS cells (APS)
Animal ES cell lines including nuclear transferred ES cell lines and germline stem cell lines (AES) The Gene-trap Mouse ES cell clones(AES)
EBV transformed B cell lines derived from Japanese (HEV) Sonoda-Tajima Collection (HSC): EBV-transformed B cell lines derived from various human ethnic groups
Goto Collection : Werner syndrome patients (GMC)

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