Announcements about corrections in usage, quality and relevant information

(Last Update:2019.8.1)

We announce the recently discovered incident regarding use, quality and relevant information of our bioresource. We have informed directly the users who have received the resource about the incident.

Date Name of a resource concerned Incident Measures taken
August 1, 2019 RCB1293 SSP-25 (Human intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma) Different from the cell line described in the original paper(refer) Continue distribution with the precise information
October 24, 2018 RCB1156 Hepa-T1 (a cell line derived from Tilapia)
RCB0281 FRI-SpIm-1229 (a cell line derived from Lemyra imparilis)
RCB1733 LAH1 (a cell line derived from Pelophylax nigromaculatus)
RCB1735 LAH2 (a cell line derived from Pelophylax nigromaculatus)
Derived from a different species(refer) Stop distribution of these 4 cell lines
March 12, 2015 RCB0179 23CLN (Bovine-derived cell line) Derived from porcine but not bovine (refer) Stop provision of 23CLN for the moment
March 26, 2014 RCB2087 AZ521(Stomach cancer cell line) Misidentification of HuTu80 (Duodenal cancer cell line) in ATCC (refer) There is no authentic stock of AZ521 and stop provision of AZ521
January 21, 2014 RCB1982 MOLT-17(Leukemia cell line) Misidentification of an unknown cell line (refer) Replaced with RCB4561 MOLT-17 obtained from DSMZ

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