Intellectual property rights of cell lines

After you obtained cell lines from RIKEN Cell Bank, please never distribute them to any third party. Distribution of our cell lines to third parties is strictly prohibited in the Material Transfer Agreement concluded at the time of cell distribution.

The cell lines distributed from RIKEN Cell Bank are those that have been deposited by the entities which possess intellectual property rights of those cell lines. Only RIKEN Cell Bank owns the right to distribute those cell lines. Please never purchase our cell lines even if they are sold by other entities. (Some cell lines, such as HeLa cells, are exceptionally distributed from multiple cell banks, but the number of such cell lines is extremely small.)

Distribution of RIKEN Cell Bank’s cells to third parties, or obtaining RIKEN Cell Bank’s cells from entities other than RIKEN Cell Bank, are both infringements of the intellectual property rights of entities which generated those cell lines. Activities above are absolutely illegal.

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