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Human iPS cells (HPS)

Human iPS cells (HPS)

● We are providing human iPS cell lines derived from healthy volunteers and the patients suffering from various diseases.

● These iPS cell lines are useful not only in the field of regenerative medicine but also in the field of disease researches including drug discovery, and thus we are providing these cell lines for researches including analyses of genes.

● Providing iPS cell lines were generated by some different methods, and thus please carefully look at our homepages about such information.

● In addition to the cell material itself, we are providing information about gender, age and the name of diseases. In relation to other information such as clinical information, please contact us.

● In relation to many cell lines, the recipient must obtain the approval of institutional review board and/or institutional ethical committee relating to the use of these human iPS cells prior to the utilization.Therefore, please carefully look at our homepages about the information.

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