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Announcement Prepayment of distribution fees (overseas organizations only)

The prepayment of distribution fees for overseas organizations will apply to all orders for bioresources from Monday February 1, 2016 (Japan standard time).

Our office will be closed for the establishment anniversary on October 24(Mon.).



General cell lines (RCB) Human iPS cells (HPS)
Human ES cells (HES) Animal iPS cells (APS)
Animal ES cell lines including nuclear transferred ES cell lines and germline stem cell lines (AES) The Gene-trap Mouse ES cell clones(AES)
Cord blood stem cells (HCB, CBF, CFD, C34) Human mesenchymal stem cells (HMS)
EBV transformed B cell lines derived from Japanese (HEV) Sonoda-Tajima Collection (HSC): EBV-transformed B cell lines derived from various human ethnic groups
Goto Collection : Werner syndrome patients (GMC)