Virus Inspection

We perform inspections of the following viruses as required for our cell lines and the results are disclosed in cell information columns of our web page. Not all inspections are conducted for all the cell lines we provide. For cell lines derived from animal species, we do not perform virus tests at all. For human cell lines, we conduct virus inspections as required depending on which tissue they are derived from.

Human cell types are specified after the name of virus inspections.

  • HBV, HCV : All cells derived from human liver
  • HIV, HTLV-1 : All cells derived from human blood
  • EBV : Cells derived from human blood (except for EBV-transformed B cell lines) and human cancer cell lines derived from oral, esophageal and stomach cancers.
  • Caution
    These tests may show false-negative results. In addition, it is impossible to screen cell lines for the presence of unknown micro-organisms and potential biohazard. Therefore, appropriate precautions must be taken for handling all kinds of cell lines. Please follow the biosafety guidelines at your institute and always wear proper protective equipment such as gloves and goggle for handling cell lines under appropriate containment.

* Some virus inspections are outsourced to the contract research organizations (CRO).

HBV(Hepatitis B virus)

Inspection method : HBV-DNA quantitative real time PCR analysis (outsourced)
Criteria : “Not detected” or “below detection limit (Less than 2.6 LC/ml ) ”

HCV(Hepatitis C virus)

Inspection method : HCV-RNA quantitative real time PCR analysis (outsourced)
Criteria : “Not detected” or “below detection limit”

HIV(Human Immunodeficiency virus)

Inspection method : Amplicon HIV monitor or HIV-1 RNA quantitative real time PCR analysis (outsourced)
Criteria : “Not detected” or “below detection limit (Less than 400 copy/ml) ”

* If the deposited cells should contain lentiviral vector, we perform this inspection in our bank to confirm the existence of lentiviral vector while screening for HIV.
Criteria : “Not detected” or “below detection limit”

HTLV-1(Human T-cell leukemia virus type 1)

Criteria : (-)
(+) → outsource to contract research organizations (CRO) for HTLV-1 antibody/Western blot analysis.


Inspection method : HTLV-1 antibody/Western blot analysis (outsourced)
Criteria : Not detected (for p19、p24、p53、gp46)

EBV(Epstein-Barr virus)

Criteria : Positive (+) or negative (-) is specified



 Inspection for infection of Parainfluenza virus type 5 (PIV5)

Is parainfluenza virus a threatening virus for human cancer cell lines?
Inaho DANJOH, Hiyori SONE, Nahomi NODA, Emi IIMURA, Mariko NAGAYOSHI, Kaoru SAIJO,Takashi HIROYAMA and Yukio NAKAMURA
Human Cell 2009; 22: 81-84
Reference (PDF)

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