RIKEN BRC Cell Bank MAILNEWS 2020.07.07

RIKEN BioResource Research Center Cell Bank
   MAILNEWS 20200707

RIKEN BioResource Research Center “Cell Bank” is announcing our 
new e-mail newsletter. 

- Renewal of the RIKEN BRC Website

Dear Users,

We are pleased to announce that the renewed Website of RIKEN BioResource 
Research Center (RIKEN BRC) was released to the public on June 30.

In this renewal, we completely redesigned the layout throughout the 
website and improved contents and its search function. The major purpose 
of this renewal is to allow our users to access easily to bioresources 
and their related information.

Please access to https://brc.riken.jp (No change of the URL) 
and take advantage of the following new features of the website:

At the search bar, entitled "Search for bioresources", on the top page, 
you can quickly search multiple resources (mouse strains, cell lines, 
plant resources, microorganisms and genetic materials) distributed by 
RIKEN BRC simultaneously, by entering keywords.

As-you-type auto-complete function is installed to help you at the 
search bar. When you type in first few characters of a keyword, the 
system automatically suggests the list of names of candidate 
bioresources and genes. In this way, the system assists you so that 
reliable search results can be obtained.

You can now directly access to a webpage of a Resource Division by 
clicking one of the five photo panels of bioresources on the Top Page 
for detailed information of bioresources that you wish to search.

The menu and contents of "Information for Users", "For General Public" 
and "About RIKEN BRC" were completely revised. Our aim was to improve 
contents of how to find, obtain and use bioresources. We also revised 
the page layouts so that our users can access easily to the information 
that they want.

The website can be accessed from smartphones or tablets by the dynamic 
layout change.

You can access our new database for genome variation in mouse, "MoG+" 
( https://molossinus.brc.riken.jp/ ). 
MoG+ contains mouse genomic variation data among inbred mouse strains 
established in Japan and major classical inbred strains. MoG+ provides 
valuable reference data for wide range of studies in biomedical 

We will continue to update and improve our web pages to provide latest 
and useful information related to bioresources with better usability 
and accessibility.

We sincerely hope that this renewal of our website is satisfactory for 
you and meets your research needs. For further improvement of BRC 
Website, we would appreciate it very much if you could kindly write 
your opinions and suggestions in the questionnaire page.

We are grateful for your continued support and cooperation.

RIKEN BioResource Research Center

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