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RIKEN BioResource Research Center Cell Bank
   MAILNEWS 20200508

RIKEN BioResource Research Center “Cell Bank” is announcing our 
new e-mail newsletter. 

- Continuation of the suspension of 
  bioresource deposition/distribution services

To users of bioresources, 

RIKEN BioResource Research Center (BRC) has been suspending 
the bioresource deposition/distribution services since April 9th 
in order to comply with the Japanese Government's Declaration of the 
State of Emergency regarding COVID-19 and the order from the RIKEN 
president for all RIKEN staff to work from home. The suspension of the 
services was originally planned to end on May 10th. However, on May 4th, 
the Japanese Government decided to continue the State of Emergency until 
May 31st, and on May 5th, the following day, the RIKEN president ordered 
all RIKEN staff to continue the work from home until June 7th. Complying 
with the order, RIKEN BRC inevitably decided to continue the suspension 
of the deposition/distribution services to allocate our limited 
personnel to the maintenance of bioresources. Once again, please accept 
our sincere apology for any inconvenience that may be caused by the 
prolonged suspension of the deposition/distribution services, and we 
appreciate your understanding.

At this moment, the suspension of the bioresource deposition/distribution 
services is planed until June 7th. However, the contents of the order 
from the RIKEN president may be revised depending on the changes in the 
COVID-19 situation in Japan. In any events, we will let you know the 
date of the resumption as soon as it is decided.

For inquiries regarding this notice, please contact the following 
Divisions in charge of the respective resources.

Cell Engineering Division  E-mail  : cellqa.brcriken.jp

We ask for your kind understanding that this measure will contribute 
to containment of the spread of COVID-19, and we look forward to your 
continued support for RIKEN BRC.

RIKEN BioResource Research Center

Link to the announcement on the BRC website

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