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Locus Information_Amelogenin

Chromosomal Location
Xp22.1-22.3 and Y
Genebank Locus and Locus Definition
Human Y chromosomeal gene for Amelogenin-like protein
Repeat Sequence 5′ – 3′
Amelogenin is not an STR, but displays a 212 base X-specific band and a 218 base Y-specific band.
Fluorecent LabelTMR:5′-terminal carboxy-tetramethylrhodamine label
Size Range of allelic ladder
components(**, ****) (bases)
212(X), 218(Y)
Repeat Numbers of allelic ladder
Repeat Numbers of alleles not present in allelic ladderNone
Commercial ProductPowerPlexTM 1.2 System of the Promega Co.

(*)Repeat sequences represent all four possible permutations (e.g. AGAT is used for AGAT, GATA, ATAG or TAGA). The first alphabetic representation of the repeat (e.g., AGAT) is employed according to the precedent of Edwards et at.

(**) Length described in this table may differ from previous versions of allelic ladders for the same loci either because primers have been modified and/or new alleles have been identified (e.g., allelic ladders included with the GenePrintTM CTTv fluorescent STR Multiplex (lot#55275) do not contain CSF1PO allele 6 or vWA alleles 11 and 21; and allelic ladders included with the GenePrintTM CTTv Fluorescent STR Multiplex (lot#41430) do not contain CSF1PO allele6, TPOX alleles 6.7 and 13, and vWA alleles 11 and 21.

(****) Length of each allele in the allelic ladders have been confirmed by sequence analysis.