Healthy individuals (Clinical information is available only for users in Japan)

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Blue letter cells are available. You obtain the information by clicking the blue letter.
*iPS cells created using the Sendai virus vector are now available

In relation to all iPS cell lines, approval of institutional review board and/or institutional ethical committee regarding the research using iPS cells is necessary.
In relation to all iPS cell lines, commercial use is prohibited.
In relation to the cell lines marked with ◎, (1) the recipient does not need to obtain an approval from the depositor, (2) there is no need of collaboration with the depositor, and (3) for-profit entities can also utilize.

Update : 2020.11.27

Patient No. *Terms Approval Form HPS References
Healthy individuals (Clinical information (Language:Japanese))
30s Male 1 Unnecessary HPS2484 HPS2485 HPS2486 HPS2487 HPS2488 HPS2489
2 Unnecessary HPS2490 HPS2491 HPS2492 HPS2493 HPS2494 HPS2495
3 Unnecessary HPS2496 HPS2497 HPS2498 HPS2499 HPS2500 HPS2501
4 Unnecessary HPS2502 HPS2503 HPS2504 HPS2505 HPS2506 HPS2507
5 Unnecessary HPS2514 HPS2515 HPS2516 HPS2517 HPS2518 HPS2519
6 Unnecessary HPS2520 HPS2521 HPS2522 HPS2523 HPS2524 HPS2525
7 Unnecessary HPS2526 HPS2527 HPS2528 HPS2529 HPS2530 HPS2531
8 Unnecessary HPS2532 HPS2533 HPS2534 HPS2535 HPS2536 HPS2537
9 Unnecessary HPS2538 HPS2539 HPS2540 HPS2541 HPS2542 HPS2543
10 Unnecessary HPS2544 HPS2545 HPS2546 HPS2547 HPS2548 HPS2549
30s Female 1 Unnecessary HPS2478 HPS2479 HPS2480 HPS2481 HPS2482 HPS2483
2 Unnecessary HPS3686 HPS3687 HPS3688 HPS3689 HPS3690 HPS3691
3 Unnecessary HPS3702 HPS3810 HPS3811 HPS3812 HPS3813 HPS3814
40s Male 1 Unnecessary HPS3344 HPS3345 HPS3346 HPS3347 HPS3720 HPS3721
2 Unnecessary HPS3348 HPS3349 HPS3350 HPS3351 HPS3352 HPS3353
3 Unnecessary HPS3354 HPS3355 HPS3356 HPS3357 HPS3358 HPS3359
4 Unnecessary HPS3360 HPS3361 HPS3362 HPS3363 HPS3364 HPS3365
5 Unnecessary HPS3366 HPS3722 HPS3723 HPS3724 HPS3725 HPS3726
6 Unnecessary HPS3367 HPS3368 HPS3727 HPS3728 HPS3729 HPS3730
7 Unnecessary HPS3369 HPS3731 HPS3732 HPS3733 HPS3734 HPS3735
8 Unnecessary HPS3370 HPS3371 HPS3736 HPS3737 HPS3738 HPS3739
9 Unnecessary HPS3372 HPS3373 HPS3374 HPS3375 HPS3740 HPS3741
10 Unnecessary HPS3376 HPS3377 HPS3378 HPS3379 HPS3742 HPS3743
40s Female 1 Unnecessary HPS2508 HPS2509 HPS2510 HPS2511 HPS2512 HPS2513
2 Unnecessary HPS3681 HPS3682 HPS3683 HPS3684 HPS3685 HPS3800
3 Unnecessary HPS3692 HPS3693 HPS3694 HPS3695 HPS3801 HPS3802
50s Male 1 Unnecessary HPS3338 HPS3339 HPS3340 HPS3341 HPS3342 HPS3343
2 Unnecessary HPS3380 HPS3381 HPS3744 HPS3745 HPS3746
3 Unnecessary HPS3382 HPS3383 HPS3384 HPS3385 HPS3747 HPS3748
4 Unnecessary HPS3386 HPS3387 HPS3388 HPS3389 HPS3390 HPS3391
5 Unnecessary HPS3392 HPS3393 HPS3394 HPS3395 HPS3396 HPS3749
6 Unnecessary HPS3397 HPS3750 HPS3751 HPS3752 HPS3753 HPS3754
7 Unnecessary HPS3398 HPS3399 HPS3400 HPS3401 HPS3755 HPS3756
8 Unnecessary HPS3402 HPS3403 HPS3404 HPS3405 HPS3406 HPS3407
9 Unnecessary HPS3408 HPS3757 HPS3758 HPS3759 HPS3760 HPS3761
10 Unnecessary HPS3409 HPS3762 HPS3763 HPS3764 HPS3765 HPS3766
50s Female 1 Unnecessary HPS3131 HPS3132 HPS3133 HPS3134 HPS3135 HPS3136
2 Unnecessary HPS3676 HPS3678 HPS3679 HPS3680 HPS3799
3 Unnecessary HPS3696 HPS3697 HPS3698 HPS3699 HPS3700 HPS3701
60s Male 1 Unnecessary HPS3125 HPS3126 HPS3127 HPS3128 HPS3129 HPS3130
2 Unnecessary HPS3419 HPS3420 HPS3421 HPS3422 HPS3423 HPS3424
3 Unnecessary HPS3425 HPS3426 HPS3427 HPS3428 HPS3776 HPS3777
4 Unnecessary HPS3429 HPS3430 HPS3778 HPS3779
5 Unnecessary HPS3431 HPS3432 HPS3433 HPS3434 HPS3780 HPS3781
6 Unnecessary HPS3435 HPS3436 HPS3437 HPS3438 HPS3787 HPS3788
7 Unnecessary HPS3439 HPS3440 HPS3441 HPS3442 HPS3343 HPS3789
8 Unnecessary HPS3670 HPS3793 HPS3794 HPS3795 HPS3796 HPS3797
9 Unnecessary HPS3671 HPS3672 HPS3673 HPS3674 HPS3675 HPS3798
10 Unnecessary HPS3703 HPS3803 HPS3804 HPS3805 HPS3806 HPS3807
70s Male 1 Unnecessary HPS3119 HPS3120 HPS3121 HPS3122 HPS3123 HPS3124
2 Unnecessary HPS3410 HPS3767 HPS3768 HPS3769 HPS3770 HPS3771
3 Unnecessary HPS3411 HPS3412 HPS3413 HPS3414 HPS3415 HPS3416
4 Unnecessary HPS3417 HPS3418 HPS3772 HPS3773 HPS3774 HPS3775
5 Unnecessary HPS3444 HPS3445 HPS3790 HPS3791 HPS3792
6 Unnecessary HPS3669 HPS3782 HPS3783 HPS3784 HPS3785 HPS3786
7 Unnecessary HPS3710 HPS3711 HPS3712 HPS3713 HPS3808 HPS3809
8 Unnecessary HPS3714 HPS3715 HPS3716 HPS3717 HPS3718 HPS3719
80s Male 1 Unnecessary HPS3704 HPS3705 HPS3706 HPS3707 HPS3708 HPS3709

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