Skin and connective tissue diseases

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In relation to all iPS cell lines, commercial use is prohibited.
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Update : 2020.11.27

Name of diseases Patient No. *Terms Approval Form HPS References
Skin and connective tissue diseases
1. Neurofibromatosis
Neurofibromatosis type1 (NF1) 1 Unnecessary HPS1312 HPS1313 HPS1314 HPS1315 HPS1316 HPS1317
2 Unnecessary HPS2250 HPS2251 HPS2252 HPS2253 HPS2254 HPS2255
Neurofibromatosis type2 (NF2) 1 Unnecessary HPS2274 HPS2275 HPS2276 HPS2277 HPS2278 HPS2279
2. Pemphigus
Pemphigus, pemphigus vulgaris 1 Unnecessary HPS1210 HPS1211 HPS1212 HPS1213 HPS1214 HPS1215
2 Unnecessary HPS1228 HPS1229 HPS1230 HPS1231 HPS1232 HPS1233
3 Unnecessary HPS2648 HPS2649 HPS2650 HPS2651 HPS2652 HPS2653
Pemphigus, pemphigus foliaceus 1 Unnecessary HPS1325 HPS1326 HPS1327 HPS1328 HPS1329 HPS1330
3. Pustular psoriasis
Pustular psoriasis, generalized pustular psoriasis 1 Unnecessary HPS3266 HPS3267 HPS3268 HPS3269 HPS3270 HPS3271
4. Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS)
Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS) 1 Unnecessary HPS2828 HPS2829 HPS2830 HPS2831 HPS2832 HPS2833
5. Systemic sclerosis (SSc)
Systemic sclerosis (SSc) 1 HPS0178* HPS0179* HPS0180*
2 HPS0184* HPS0185* HPS0186*
3 Unnecessary HPS1216 HPS1217 HPS1218 HPS1219 HPS1220 HPS1221
4 Unnecessary HPS1240 HPS1241 HPS1242 HPS1243 HPS1244 HPS1245
5 Unnecessary HPS1258 HPS1259 HPS1260 HPS1261 HPS1262 HPS1263
6 Unnecessary HPS1409 HPS1410 HPS1411 HPS1412 HPS1413 HPS1414
7 Unnecessary HPS2168 HPS2169 HPS2170 HPS2171 HPS2172 HPS2173
6. Congenital ichthyosis
Congenital ichthyosis, ichthyosis syndrome 1 Unnecessary HPS2006 HPS2007 HPS2008 HPS2009 HPS2010 HPS2011
7. Pemphigoid
Pemphigoid (including epidermolysis bullosa acquisita) 1 Unnecessary HPS1331 HPS1332 HPS1333 HPS1334 HPS1335 HPS1336
Pemphigoid (including epidermolysis bullosa acquisita), BP180 antibody positive 1 Unnecessary HPS2078 HPS2079 HPS2080 HPS2081 HPS2082 HPS2083
2 Unnecessary HPS2983 HPS2984 HPS2985 HPS2986 HPS2987 HPS2988
8. Ehlers-Danlos syndrome
Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Kosho type 1 HPS0214*
Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, vascular type 1 Unnecessary HPS1650 HPS1651 HPS1652 HPS1653 HPS1654
Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, type 4 / mutation in COL3A1 1 Unnecessary HPS2301 HPS2302 HPS2303 HPS2304 HPS2305 HPS2306

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